Media Alert! This website of mine is seriously outdated, even my eating habits have changed, so watch this space for new recipes, new ideas, new pics, new everything!  I can’t wait to upload new content, Donna



I have just turned 51, and I am a qualified Nutritionist, with years of in depth study in Nutritional Medicine.
When I started looking after my health I searched for a program that was easy to follow and stick to. The problem with this was I had to combine diets from one plan and add exercises from another to make them work for myself. Every program I came across did not work for my body and current age.
I needed something more, because a woman’s body is obviously not the same as a man’s and those in their forties and fifties have different fitness needs to someone who is in their twenties and thirties.
You may want that super trim muscle look that many female fitness models often have, but in my case I am more than satisfied with a nice shape and tone without the six pack. Either way they are both achievable, one just needs more physical downtime and discipline than the other, that’s it in reality.




DSC_9139 2

At age 49


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I’m 50 and still have my bikini body, if I can do it anyone can.

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Success starts by knowing what is the right thing to do for your lifestyle, it’s really that simple.

I regained bikini body within weeks after childbirth without effort, there had to be a good reason for this.

It did help that I was into eating healthy food that tastes great, but there was more I was doing without even realising it. My metabolism was fast and there was a simple explanation for this. A slow metabolism will keep the weight on guaranteed no matter how well you eat.

I was taking natural supplements to help combat inflammation that I received from rheumatoid arthritis only to discover years later that those very supplements not only had a great general health and wellness properties but there was also an anti-aging ingredient in them. Wow! What a discovery.  I had no complaints at all to learn what I was taking was keeping me looking great for my age.

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Madeliene Stewart
There will never be enough words to thank you for what you have done for me! After a few weeks of following my personalised meal plan my energy levels are up and I’m feeling great.
Shauna Ball
When I was sick with diabetes, I was put on a diet plan that was easy to follow, now my blood sugar levels are back to normal
Elisa Simpson
When I stumbled across this site I did not believe that Donna Anna was a real person. I thought no one could look like that in a bikini at her age. I joined because I wanted to know her secret. I hadn’t worn a bikini in years now I’m proud to be wearing one again!
Melissa Prescott
Your plan has truly changed my life. I wasn’t comfortable eating meat and started becoming depressed within myself about my diet and not knowing how to go about changing it, let alone stick to it. I cannot believe how amazing some of the food is.


 Here is just a small sample of the Healthy and Delicious meals that I have on a regular basis, you can too.